Jubilee, Weather and Pride

If I was Queen for a day, I would make it so you had a day off on your birthday.  Nobody should have to go to work on their birthday.

I watched the River Pageant yesterday.  What an achievment!!  All those little boats.. barges, kayaks, the Dunkirk Little Ships, all trudging up the river into the wind and rain.

My mother used to say “We dont have a climate in this country… we just have Weather”

I kept wishing the Queen would SIT DOWN!!  She stood on her feet for about three hours in the rain and wind… I was scared she would catch a chill… and I kept hearing “Ilkley moor ba t’at” in my head.  And today the Duke of Endinburg is in Hospital with a chill on his kidneys… I’m not surprised. I hope there was a heater in the back of that boat :¬)

The concert tonight is pretty good.. nothing compares to the Liveaid concert.. somehow that had more magic.. but this is pretty good stuff…

I am a Royalist/Loyalist … if the Monarch wanted me to do something, I would do it. I guess its bred in me.  I can trace my ancestry back to the vikings too, and I guess that has something to do with it. All this celebration makes me feel rooted and proud to be English.  I wouldnt wish to be a citizen of any other country.

Cheezy? Sentimental? Sue me.


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