I watched the Olympic opening ceremony live on friday.  I was impressed.  It seemed to strike just the right balance between splendour and identity and drama and joy and humour and surprise.

Proud to be British, the country did good :¬)


Old Friends

I spent the weekend with some friends I havent seen for many years,  A sweet reunion. 

I was worried that I would be the only one who had aged, for some strange reason.  I think that in my head they had stayed as I last saw them, my memory had not allowed them to change or age whereas my mirror showed me what had happened to me in the intervening years.  However, we were all greyer, and all a bit creaky.  I think we had a combined age something in excess of 500 years!!  It sounds scary when you say it like that!

What had NOT changed, was the warmth of the hugs, the smiles, the laughter, the acceptance, the affection.  I had a wonderful time, and and I am SO glad I went.

Thank you my friends. I love you,.

Hot Hot

… but I am really not complaining.. really not. After the really AWFUL weather we have had since the beginning of April, how could I possibly complain about a little sunshine… its lovely… really it is.


Whew… its hot

Just an observation,

When I win the Lottery

Notice intentional use of word ‘when’.

Hire a PA, pay him/her really good salary, must be free of ties as I intend to travel widely at the drop of a hat and want them to be able to accompany me and sort out all the things I dont want to sort out myself.  Position comes with car, expense account, first class travel and fascinating life style. Apply below.

Get ticket on World Cruise (three months) while my house is being built to my specifications.  House must be in quiet spot within walking distance of a beach…  The house will be built of old reclaimed materials, beams bricks and stone.  It will be complex and full of interesting corners and cozy places and look and feel old, while being super mod. in its cons.  It will have a huge basement with a storage retrieval system, so that it can have super-tidy living spaces.  in each room there will be a panel in the wall.. you will type into a computer the item you want, and the retrieval system will send it up to you in something like a dumb waiter, you use it/play with it for however long, then put it back in the hole and it goes away again.    It will have a big warm welcoming kitchen, real fireplaces, lots of natural wood and subtle lighting.  I will have a cat.  Maybe I will have a dog too that I can throw sticks for on the beach.

I will make sure my sons have the houses they want, near good schools for their children.  I am not worried that it will ‘ruin’ them… they have had it tough for long enough to know the difference and raise their children with sense about money.

I will fulfil some of the dreams of my friends..  preferably anonymously.

I will find a struggling little amateur theatre, sort out their money troubles and help them make good performances, with no other demand from my end except a ticket to every performance. I love am dram, its such a win/win.

I will find some fine craftsmen that might let me watch how they work and set up my own workshop and learn a new skill or two.  I miss being creative. I miss not having a workshop.  I used to make things, and I want to do that again.

I will have a drumkit, and learn to play the drums.

Oh, one more thing… a Chinese cook.

Desk Osmosis

I dont know where it comes from.  I love having a tidy desk, I do really, but it just gathers stuff… so much stuff!! 

Currently on my desk…

Bottle of Sweet Chilli sauce, three bottles of glue, perfume spray, three bottles of glitter glue (red blue and dark blue) reel of adhesive aluminium tape, empty Coke bottle, london Tube Map, two small notepads, silver bracelet and earrings, reading glasses, Swann Morton scalpel and three blunt blades, reel of silver wire, two letters I need to answer, two dead lottery tickets, Tesco club card, Landline phone and two mobile phones (why two? will explain later) Two pen pots, Corn fritters recipe, Keyboard, Mouse and Mouspad, Packet of Crawfords Cheese Melts, Desk Lamp, Packet of tissues, Packet of paracetamol, two computer Monitors and a fair bit of dust….

Its not that big a desk…

Time for a de-clutter sweep I think.  Will post a photo when its done. 

Souvenir Programme

I had a really great day in London on Saturday on my trip to see the recording of John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme.  Arrived at Oxford Circus tube into the middle of the Gay Pride March, which was great fun.  Lunch in a little cafe near the BBC and joined the queue at about 5.45, to find it was snaking around the block and I was number 129 in the line.

A very slick operation to get the ‘first come first served’ into seats – totally fair and the seats were well spaced and everyone could see the stage well.

Two shows were being recorded, and I was really impressed with the amount of rehearsal they had obiously done, and the pace of the whole thing.  The only retakes that I could tell were ones where the scripts were rustling… Next time print them on kitchen roll or something :¬)

Very funny material, supporting cast were magnificent, and of course JF himself was wonderful – very bouncy and dynamic. Wouldnt have missed it for anything, and will definitely be applying again for Cabin Pressure.

An excellent day !

3.50 am

In some cases I am sure that insomnia is due to an overactive brain or other extreme psychological function. I wish I could claim this as a reason for being awake and writing at almost 4 in the morning.

However in my case I believe it is because I went to bed at 7.30 pm and woke up restless at just after midnight and had to get up because I dont like sleeping much.


I wish I didnt have to sleep.  I wish my body didnt need horizontalness for some of the day.  I enjoy the feeling of horizontalness when I am tired, but I would rather be doing something else. I wish my body didnt get tired. I wish there was a pill I could take to stop me needing sleep.



25 years since the release of Graceland. Paul Simon got into some trouble about breaking the cultural boycott in South Africa.

I remember loving it at first hearing. I didn’t know much about Aparteid or South Africa at the time, but it raised my awareness just a little bit.  It made a difference in my little bubble. Many millions of times over it must have made some difference in the little bubbles of those who heard it, bought it, played it, shared it.

Thats a lot of difference.

Breaking the rules shouldn’t be ‘automatically ok for artists’ but sometimes, when artists break the rules, it does more good than harm. Sometimes it does no harm at all.


I just watched this


You should too.

My oldest son was working in Croydon on 7/7   from where he lived he had to go through the centre of London, and I heard about the bombing… I rang his mobile, and of course all the network was out.  nothing… I rang his work… no service…. I kept ringing, ringing.  Finally I got through…

“Hello… I’m  ___’s mum… ”

“He’s here, he’s fine… he’s on the phone. I’ll get him to call you”

“Thank you – thats all I needed to know.”

I put the phone down and wept.