Who knows me

It occurs to me that having lived alone for the last ten years, nobody knows the whole person that I now am.


My work colleagues see a very different person from that which my family see, my friends online see another piece of the jigsaw. Its all real, its all me, its just all different, filtered, selected.

Perhaps this is normal for everyone. Should I be concerned about this? I dont think so, but it interests me.


4 thoughts on “Who knows me

  1. I shouldn’t comment too much in one day, so I’ll ration myself and make this my finale today:

    I usually try to be different depending on my environment – it used to be for every customer I served – tailored customer service, but there were times I was different for different crowds. usually, the game would be given away, and I’d be me for everyone – no different version, just me. sometimes I crave to be someone else in front of some people, just so I can experience a different life, a different set of rules, a different persona. being able to separate yourself into different personas and prolong the effect is a gift.

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