I just watched this


You should too.

My oldest son was working in Croydon on 7/7   from where he lived he had to go through the centre of London, and I heard about the bombing… I rang his mobile, and of course all the network was out.  nothing… I rang his work… no service…. I kept ringing, ringing.  Finally I got through…

“Hello… I’m  ___’s mum… ”

“He’s here, he’s fine… he’s on the phone. I’ll get him to call you”

“Thank you – thats all I needed to know.”

I put the phone down and wept.


One thought on “7/7

  1. it must be unbearable for the people who actually got caught up in it – they must think how unlikely it is – 70 odd in millions, and the fates had to choose their loved one. I have thought a lot recently about traffic in the same way – a car you are behind just happens to pull into their driveway when you were least expecting it, almost causing an accident – but realistically, that car has much more chance of doing that purely by the fact it is on that road. Life follows the same rule, I think. I’m sure old kung-fu sensai’s live longer becuase of their constant vigilence.

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