25 years since the release of Graceland. Paul Simon got into some trouble about breaking the cultural boycott in South Africa.

I remember loving it at first hearing. I didn’t know much about Aparteid or South Africa at the time, but it raised my awareness just a little bit.  It made a difference in my little bubble. Many millions of times over it must have made some difference in the little bubbles of those who heard it, bought it, played it, shared it.

Thats a lot of difference.

Breaking the rules shouldn’t be ‘automatically ok for artists’ but sometimes, when artists break the rules, it does more good than harm. Sometimes it does no harm at all.


One thought on “Diamonds

  1. I listened to it again tonight .still as fresh as when I first fell in love with it. Diamonds on the soles of her shoes where did he get his inspiration. Great talent

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