Souvenir Programme

I had a really great day in London on Saturday on my trip to see the recording of John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme.  Arrived at Oxford Circus tube into the middle of the Gay Pride March, which was great fun.  Lunch in a little cafe near the BBC and joined the queue at about 5.45, to find it was snaking around the block and I was number 129 in the line.

A very slick operation to get the ‘first come first served’ into seats – totally fair and the seats were well spaced and everyone could see the stage well.

Two shows were being recorded, and I was really impressed with the amount of rehearsal they had obiously done, and the pace of the whole thing.  The only retakes that I could tell were ones where the scripts were rustling… Next time print them on kitchen roll or something :¬)

Very funny material, supporting cast were magnificent, and of course JF himself was wonderful – very bouncy and dynamic. Wouldnt have missed it for anything, and will definitely be applying again for Cabin Pressure.

An excellent day !


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