Desk Osmosis

I dont know where it comes from.  I love having a tidy desk, I do really, but it just gathers stuff… so much stuff!! 

Currently on my desk…

Bottle of Sweet Chilli sauce, three bottles of glue, perfume spray, three bottles of glitter glue (red blue and dark blue) reel of adhesive aluminium tape, empty Coke bottle, london Tube Map, two small notepads, silver bracelet and earrings, reading glasses, Swann Morton scalpel and three blunt blades, reel of silver wire, two letters I need to answer, two dead lottery tickets, Tesco club card, Landline phone and two mobile phones (why two? will explain later) Two pen pots, Corn fritters recipe, Keyboard, Mouse and Mouspad, Packet of Crawfords Cheese Melts, Desk Lamp, Packet of tissues, Packet of paracetamol, two computer Monitors and a fair bit of dust….

Its not that big a desk…

Time for a de-clutter sweep I think.  Will post a photo when its done. 


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