Little Red Light

No, this isnt about some sleazy district of Amsterdam…

My under-the-counter freezer has a little red light on the front of it… this is a bad thing.   It should have a little green light.

I looked it up on the net to see what could be the matter.  Its not very good news. Its most likely the compressor that is not performing properly and that means I need a new compressor, which costs more than the freezer cost to begin with, not to mention something called a ‘re-gassing’ which is also expensive.

I remember my first freezer, which was a second hand chest freezer I got from a friend for £30 way back around 1984. It was huge, about the size of the ones they have in supermarkets.  My neighbours used to bring their turkeys to me to store before Christmas.  It was so huge I dont remember it EVER being full. It sat in my garage for years, chirrupping away to its self, never giving any offence, just being cold.  I had it through about three house moves, and winter and summer it just kept going, until finally it stopped being cold in about 1999 and I left it behind at my last move.

It never owed me anything, and I remember saying that if it died on me full of food I wouldnt gripe, because it had done such good service.  I remember the day my oldest son stuck his tongue to it trying to reach an ice lolly … we tried to peel his tongue off the ice, leaving a few tiny rosy taste buds behind, until his whimpering drool dissolved the ice and let him go, like the break of a stern kiss.

That old freezer lasted close on twenty years without a murmer.  I have had this little freezer about four years and now its broken.

They dont make things like they used to…


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