A bit OCD?

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I am not the best housekeeper…  Dust doesnt bother me too much, I dont keep obsessively tidy or organised.

Certain things, however, I do keep tidy and it upsets me a little to see them disorganised. Perhaps rather, it pleases me to see them tidy.. I am not sure which it is, perhaps both.

Examining this question, I find that if it makes life easier, my life easier, to keep a thing tidy, then I will tend to do it. So my tidiness is linked to my laziness, just as my untidiness is.

Example:- I keep my linen cupboard tidy, almost obsessively, because I like to be able to find a towel or a sheet easily, not to have to dig around. I could find the right cloth or towel quiet easily if i just dumped them in a certain section when they were laundered, but actually I go a little further, and fold them in a certain way and stack them in order of largest on the bottom and smallest on the top.  I just like the way this looks.  It is practical AND pleasing.

BUT my desk seems to get in a mess very quickly… but everything is still handy, easy to find, because my desk is a small space.  I let my desk get untidy, even though I like it tidy, because its not actually easier to find things if I keep it tidy, its just more pleasing. So… Pleasure doesnt override my laziness in this case.

I guess I am just lazy. The tidy sections of my life isnt OCD… its laziness :¬) Am I relieved?


One thought on “A bit OCD?

  1. There is a difference between being clean and being organized. I know I don’t do either particularly well, but I admire those that do….


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