Home from the hospital and having to severely talk to myself to be good, and not overdo things.  Why is it I get the urge to change my curtains, wash my rugs, clean out my cupboards, go on a trip, do a grocery shop (even though I did everything I needed to do before I went in for the op)? I must be on some psychological ‘kick’ because I had the urge to do all those things within a day.

I am being good, and taking my medications, (antibiotics and anti inflammatories) but I confess I havent needed pain killers except for a sore throat from the intubation, and that was only a discomfort rather than pain, and that only for a couple of days.

The one thing I was nervous about was being a wuss.. I seem to have got off lightly since the has been very small amounts of pain.  I am thankful.

I am sleeping at odd times, there is no sleep pattern, its all higgledy piggledy.  Overall I feel better than I expected to.  Perhaps the symptoms of the previous problem were more than I realised, or I had got used to them.  Perhaps I will feel significantly better having had the operation, and that is what I am experiencing now.

Its all good.

I am VERY grateful to my friends and family who have shown such interest in my recovery, and helped to promote it,.  Thank you.


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