Taking a razor to Picasso

The Absinth Drinker – Picasso… desecrated

Imagine you have been given a picture by Picasso, and you take it home and choose a place to hang it…but its just a bit too wide for the space… so you get out a razor and cut off a foot or so of canvas. Slice… Hack.. Desecration? Most certainly. Picasso weeps.

Imagine you are in a restaurant about to eat the famous signature dish of the renowned chef Escoffier… You scrape off the sauce and sprinkle the remainder of the dish with salt. The chef stares and explodes with wrath and throws you out of his restaurant.

Imagine you are in a concert hall, to hear a great work of Mozart… half way through the second movement you get up and leave before the beauty of the last movement has even begun.. Mozart turns in his unknown grave.

Imagine you are a member of an audio book club and search for your favourite author to hear his wonderful literary offerings …

you find that your favourite works have been abridged,….