A little background

Born in the north of England, I came south in the year of the Great Storm, 1986, and have lived here ever since.

I live alone, contentedly.  I have two sons, now grown, with children of their own. My parents are both dead.

I work four days a week, in a physically demanding but emotionally rewarding job, in a hospital.

This blog is going to be something of a journal, just things I think about and observe from time to time.  I will not beat myself up if I miss some days, nor stress about occasional lack of punctuation. I promise to keep it positive. Dont you just hate it when people bitch and whine all the time?

Why the picture? Its rather beautiful, complicated, intricate, made by a Master Craftsman, rather old and a bit worn out but still worth looking at.  Describes me perfectly *smile*.

Why the latin? It means “Neither seek nor spurn honour”.  It is the motto of one of my bloodlines. I hope to live up to it.


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