Here I am, too poor, too old, too late, too far away, to experience the priviledge of attending Harvard University. However, I can experience it for free on this  Justice  website.  It is fascinating, enjoyable, palateably presented. I cant recommend it enough.  It will expand your mind.


A bit OCD?

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I am not the best housekeeper…  Dust doesnt bother me too much, I dont keep obsessively tidy or organised.

Certain things, however, I do keep tidy and it upsets me a little to see them disorganised. Perhaps rather, it pleases me to see them tidy.. I am not sure which it is, perhaps both.

Examining this question, I find that if it makes life easier, my life easier, to keep a thing tidy, then I will tend to do it. So my tidiness is linked to my laziness, just as my untidiness is.

Example:- I keep my linen cupboard tidy, almost obsessively, because I like to be able to find a towel or a sheet easily, not to have to dig around. I could find the right cloth or towel quiet easily if i just dumped them in a certain section when they were laundered, but actually I go a little further, and fold them in a certain way and stack them in order of largest on the bottom and smallest on the top.  I just like the way this looks.  It is practical AND pleasing.

BUT my desk seems to get in a mess very quickly… but everything is still handy, easy to find, because my desk is a small space.  I let my desk get untidy, even though I like it tidy, because its not actually easier to find things if I keep it tidy, its just more pleasing. So… Pleasure doesnt override my laziness in this case.

I guess I am just lazy. The tidy sections of my life isnt OCD… its laziness :¬) Am I relieved?

Coffee Brioche and Strawberries

It doesnt get better than this… a lovely Morning in the garden with my son and his lady, and my little grandson, under a tree, eating a very continental breakfast of Brioche and Strawberries and really good coffee… sunny summer Sunday Morning.

It took me back to a wonderful garden I once had, where I knew all the latin names of the plants, plus all the common ones, where every spadeful of earth was dug and sifted and won back from the weeds and the stony ground. Where it was a constant battle between us and the rabbits, deer and nettles, where we planted roses, and hebe, and Hedera Helix Gloire de Morengo.  Where we made a fish pond and actually bred baby goldfish, tiny little specks of glorious gold in the green water.  I didnt realise how much I missed that garden until Sunday.

Hi !

Its really great that you are reading – Thank You So Much.

I would really love to hear from you and get your feedback.  The statistics on this blog tell me the number of readers and where they are in the world, but nothing more, so it would be fantastic to find out a bit about you. If you dont want to comment or put your hand up, that’s ok, or if you have already done so, thank you,  but please feel free to say hello any time… No need to say your name or anything personal if you dont want to.

Thanks again for reading… xxx

Little Red Light

No, this isnt about some sleazy district of Amsterdam…

My under-the-counter freezer has a little red light on the front of it… this is a bad thing.   It should have a little green light.

I looked it up on the net to see what could be the matter.  Its not very good news. Its most likely the compressor that is not performing properly and that means I need a new compressor, which costs more than the freezer cost to begin with, not to mention something called a ‘re-gassing’ which is also expensive.

I remember my first freezer, which was a second hand chest freezer I got from a friend for £30 way back around 1984. It was huge, about the size of the ones they have in supermarkets.  My neighbours used to bring their turkeys to me to store before Christmas.  It was so huge I dont remember it EVER being full. It sat in my garage for years, chirrupping away to its self, never giving any offence, just being cold.  I had it through about three house moves, and winter and summer it just kept going, until finally it stopped being cold in about 1999 and I left it behind at my last move.

It never owed me anything, and I remember saying that if it died on me full of food I wouldnt gripe, because it had done such good service.  I remember the day my oldest son stuck his tongue to it trying to reach an ice lolly … we tried to peel his tongue off the ice, leaving a few tiny rosy taste buds behind, until his whimpering drool dissolved the ice and let him go, like the break of a stern kiss.

That old freezer lasted close on twenty years without a murmer.  I have had this little freezer about four years and now its broken.

They dont make things like they used to…

Top Ten…. Films

Movies are about moments… these have wonderful moments.. Inspiring, thought-provoking, amusing.  Yes, I know there are actually 11… but which one would YOU throw out?  I couldnt choose, so you get one free.

The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

Some Like It Hot (1959)

The Flight of the Phoenix (1965)

It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

Schindler’s List (1993)

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975)

As Good as It Gets (1997)

Nell (1994)

Blade Runner (1982)

The Lord of the Rings (2001) Trilogy

Alien (1979)


I watched the Olympic opening ceremony live on friday.  I was impressed.  It seemed to strike just the right balance between splendour and identity and drama and joy and humour and surprise.

Proud to be British, the country did good :¬)

Old Friends

I spent the weekend with some friends I havent seen for many years,  A sweet reunion. 

I was worried that I would be the only one who had aged, for some strange reason.  I think that in my head they had stayed as I last saw them, my memory had not allowed them to change or age whereas my mirror showed me what had happened to me in the intervening years.  However, we were all greyer, and all a bit creaky.  I think we had a combined age something in excess of 500 years!!  It sounds scary when you say it like that!

What had NOT changed, was the warmth of the hugs, the smiles, the laughter, the acceptance, the affection.  I had a wonderful time, and and I am SO glad I went.

Thank you my friends. I love you,.

Hot Hot

… but I am really not complaining.. really not. After the really AWFUL weather we have had since the beginning of April, how could I possibly complain about a little sunshine… its lovely… really it is.


Whew… its hot

Just an observation,

When I win the Lottery

Notice intentional use of word ‘when’.

Hire a PA, pay him/her really good salary, must be free of ties as I intend to travel widely at the drop of a hat and want them to be able to accompany me and sort out all the things I dont want to sort out myself.  Position comes with car, expense account, first class travel and fascinating life style. Apply below.

Get ticket on World Cruise (three months) while my house is being built to my specifications.  House must be in quiet spot within walking distance of a beach…  The house will be built of old reclaimed materials, beams bricks and stone.  It will be complex and full of interesting corners and cozy places and look and feel old, while being super mod. in its cons.  It will have a huge basement with a storage retrieval system, so that it can have super-tidy living spaces.  in each room there will be a panel in the wall.. you will type into a computer the item you want, and the retrieval system will send it up to you in something like a dumb waiter, you use it/play with it for however long, then put it back in the hole and it goes away again.    It will have a big warm welcoming kitchen, real fireplaces, lots of natural wood and subtle lighting.  I will have a cat.  Maybe I will have a dog too that I can throw sticks for on the beach.

I will make sure my sons have the houses they want, near good schools for their children.  I am not worried that it will ‘ruin’ them… they have had it tough for long enough to know the difference and raise their children with sense about money.

I will fulfil some of the dreams of my friends..  preferably anonymously.

I will find a struggling little amateur theatre, sort out their money troubles and help them make good performances, with no other demand from my end except a ticket to every performance. I love am dram, its such a win/win.

I will find some fine craftsmen that might let me watch how they work and set up my own workshop and learn a new skill or two.  I miss being creative. I miss not having a workshop.  I used to make things, and I want to do that again.

I will have a drumkit, and learn to play the drums.

Oh, one more thing… a Chinese cook.