Things I love

Coffee                                   Mosaics                                  Red Rugs

Radio 4                                 Kittens                                   Clean White sheets

Books                                    Shiny Sinks                          Weekends

Dictionaries                         Showers                                The Scent of Leather

Worcestershire Sauce        Mayblossom                        Hugs

Sunshine                               The Dawn Chorus              Cloisonne

Lemons                                 Choral Singing

Scented Stocks                    Cathedrals

The Internet                         Stationery shops


2 thoughts on “Things I love

  1. read on iPhone which repaginated – which made one of the things you like read “Lemons Singing”. needless to say I did a double-take, on reflection I think Lemons Singing is a nice idea and makes me smile.

    • I will have the singing lemon, while John Finnemore has the Travelling Lemon. If you havent heard ‘Cabin Pressure’ make some time to hear it. Its the best thing on radio just now.

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